To create a login:

a.   Go to

b. Create a account by clicking the LOGIN button located in the upper-right corner of the page.

c. When finished, click the Youth tab, then SMART.

d. Proceed to the SMART Login page and enter your username/password combination.

e. Please review all of your personal information and make updates to keep your contact information current. To help us administer your account, it is important that this information stays current.

f. Access your Scholarship Summary by clicking “SMART Program” from the blue bar at the top of the page, then click “Scholarships”.  To ensure your funds will be available to you when you need them, it is required that your email, birthdate, phone number and the year you will or have graduated from high school is correct. If this information is either missing or incorrect, please update your account immediately.

How do I request my funds?

Log into your account and click SMART Program from the blue bar at the top of the page, then Scholarships. Once you are there, follow the process below. Each award
must be requested individually at this time, but we are working to make this much easier for you to request funds in the future.

a. Click on the name of the award you wish to request.

b. Click the “Request funds” button.
c. Enter the school’s Free Application
for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) code.
d. Tab once (the information should populate the field).
e. Tab again to get to the Student ID field.
f. Enter your Student ID.
g. Tab to get to the Amount field.
h. Enter the amount you are requesting.
i. Tab
j. Enter

k. Repeat all steps to use additional scholarship winnings.

How long does it take to process my request for scholarship funds?

Once you complete your online request, a check is mailed within three (3) business days, at the latest. Checks are mailed via first class mail through the United States
Postal Service.